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It's hot out there!

A call to conserve water has been issued by Park County during the hotter months.

Here are some of Jeanette Tecca's ideas to conserve water:


Turn the faucet off while brushing your teeth and shaving.

Put a stopper in the sink and leave a few inches of water to clean the razor while shaving.

Don't flush anything other than human waste and bathroom tissue. Thicker tissue, Q-tips, cotton balls or other items can damage pipes as well.


Limit showers to 5 minutes, wash the stinky parts and get out. Don’t wait too long for water to warm up.  In summer months the brisk cool start to your shower will wake you up faster also cooler water won't dry you out.

Laundry is done once a week on cold with full load, but don’t overfill with clothing.  Always adjust the machine to the load size.  If you can skip washing some clothing that is still fresh or could be worn a second time.  Hang towels to use more than once, as they absorb so much water in a wash, less is best.

Do dishes with less. Put the stopper in both sinks, fill one with soap water and one with rinse 2 to three inches.  The best is to use the dishwasher if you have one.

Report leaks or running toilets right away.

Recycle water when you can,  rinse water for your plants, soap water to clean with. If you use a plant based dish soap then you can also water plants with that as well.  


Everyone is hot in Park County!

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