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Project name:   The Hub at the Park County Senior Center

Project Vision:   The Hub at the Park County Senior Center is a proposed fitness facility designed specifically for all members of the community 55yrs and older and for physically challenged and disabled individuals. This facility will be 2400 sf and located in the basement level of the Park County Senior Center.


Construction Cost and Scope of work:  The current downstairs space has been vacant with a small space used for storage. All stored items to be removed and the space cleared and prepared for remodeling. Medical equipment used for loaning will be placed into the storage room adjacent to the “work shop “room. The entire space currently has a dropped ceiling with acoustic panels that are damaged and need to be removed. Removing the panels and framework will add

5 inches to the height of the ceiling which is currently a little over 7 feet. The floor joists will reman exposed and painted a dark color along with any exposed pipes and conduit. There are some existing 2x4 walls that currently house a shop/storage area that will be removed, reframed, drywalled and painted to add an additional 2 rooms that will serve as treatment rooms. The existing “work shop’ will remain but reduced in space by ½. There is a 20-foot pony wall that divides a larger room into 2 sections that may remain or relocated, then faced with reclaimed wood. The smaller of the two spaces separated by the pony wall will be used as a “free weight’ area. The larger to be used as “group class” area with 12 resistance band “stations “ around the perimeter walls. There is a 3x14 storage closet located in the larger of the pony wall divided rooms that will also be removed, drywalled and painted to make that room larger.

There is old carpet currently covering the floors which will need to be removed and re-covered with rubber gym flooring and padded carpet squares.

The existing fluorescent lighting fixtures will be removed and reinstalled in between the floor joists and level with the bottom of the joists. Some re-wiring will be necessary and light covers for the fluorescent lights need to be purchased. Ten to twelve dimmable wall sconce light fixtures could be installed in the larger of the two rooms for ambient lighting.  The estimated cost for demolition, removal of old carpet and debris, disposal, framing, drywall, paint, electrical, labor and materials: $9,800*

Estimated carpet, rubber flooring and installation: $12,000*

Total estimated materials and labor cost: $21,800 

(* these cost could be reduced if some of the materials are donated.)


Fitness Equipment: Specialized equipment will be purchased catering to those with limited mobility and/or

in wheelchairs. The estimated cost on these integral items will be $35,000.

Fitness Center

Park County Senior Center is entering a new era.  We recognize the needs of our community. Through much input from our residents and citizens of Park County, our new Fitness Center, aka "The Hub", is becoming a reality.

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We Need Your Help

In order to make this project come to fruition, we need your help.  Any financial contributions to The Hub will go directly to this unique fitness facility.  It is through the generous contributions of people like you, our precious community, to help support improved facilities for those underserved.  Park County senior citizens make up 27% of our residents, and mobility issues are one of the primary concerns of our aging population.  By providing the ability to strengthen and exercise, we can help those who want to live a more independent and fulfilling life.  Will you please help us?

Senior Therapy


Your donation will provide an amazing opportunity for our community. Stay tuned for upcoming information on sponsorship programs for The Hub.  

Weight Lifting
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