Each month we feature an extraordinary member                  of our senior community.

Everyone has a story!


Ken Spalding, resident of the Senior Center since 2017.

Meet Ken Spalding!

A veteran from World War II, Ken has been living at the Senior Center for a little over four years. In his junior year in 1942, when Ken played quarterback  for Park High, the team beat Bozeman 12-6 and 31-12. It was  a memorable season for PHS! The following year Ken joined the Marine Corps. After the war, he was recruited as basketball coach for St. Mary’s, and in 1947 he took the job of mail carrier until he retired 25 years later.  But Ken was far from being done: in 1974 he was elected county commissioner and served two terms, until 1986!

Ken always has the most colorful stories to tell. If you see him in town, make sure to thank him for his service! 


Meet Dean Nelson!

Meet Dean Nelson! Dean (Elvira) has been living at the Senior Center for almost four years, and she keeps herself very busy! Not only is she the organizer for pinochle three nights a week but she also volunteers at the Foot Clinic every other week. Recently she's been elected by the residents to form- with two other ladies - the Resident Committee of Park County Senior Center. When she’s not volunteering, Dean is always happy to help fellow residents when her smile and her cheerfulness are needed. If you see her in town, make sure to say Hello!

Dean Nelson, resident of the Senior Center  since 2017.